We carry out general building services for domestic/residential and commercial clients. We are able to work with you on small or large scale projects from concept to completion.

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Our residential building services cover all forms of domestic building work, from full new builds through to loft conversions, extensions, renovations and home refurbishments.


We also carry out smaller projects including painting and decorating, plastering, plumbing and carpentry.


Whether associated with commercial or domestic properties, we offer services of general and contract maintenance, as one-off quotes or as an on-going service.


From shops to gyms, offices and restaurants, we have worked hand in hand with a number of businesses and organisations offering a full range of building services both large and small.


Once the initial build is complete, many of our commercial clients also opt for on-going general and contractual maintenance services too.



Are you planning a building project? It can be a confusing minefield of architects, planning submissions and approvals, structural engineers and building regs. And that is all before you've even laid a brick!


At RJB Builders Ltd we will work with you to secure all the relevant approvals and can even recommend a range of key services/suppliers to help steer you through the process.


Below is a quick set of questions that we get asked frequently by clients at the start of their project and some initial feedback on each, as well some handy links to reputable information sources for the latest, up-to-date info.



Do I need an architect?

Not necessarily and there is no law in the UK requiring one. However investing in one will mean that you have someone with a professional eye for design and spacial planning overseeing the project. They are highly trained to ensure your build is safe, legal and makes the best use of your space, light and budget from the outset.

Will my build require a structural engineer?

If you are carrying out work the alters the structural integrity of your property it is likely (e.g. removing walls, widening window or door openings, extending outwards or upwards). A structural engineer is a highly trained professional who can help determine the impact of any structural changes you make on your building project.

Do I need planning permission for my build?

Not always. In recent years the UK Gov increased the footprint of 'permitted development' that does not require planning permission. For the very latest and up to date advice, please contact us for advice. A useful place to visit is the UK governments planning and building regulations page at:

How does the planning process work and how long does it take?

Planning is usually managed through your Local Planning Authority (LPA) and is likely to take from 8-13 weeks dependant on the complexity of your build project. For more information on planning take a look at:

What is the role of building regs?

Building regulations are a set of agreed standards in the UK that set a benchmark for the quality and standard of building work, including; plumbing, electrical, heating, solar PV or air conditioning works carried out on a property. They are not required in all situations. You can read more about this at:



How much will my extension or loft conversion cost?

There are many factors at play that will determine the total budget required for your build, these are based on the size of the space you are creating, the complexity of the build and the materials you would like to use. The current average cost in the UK for a loft conversion will be in the region of £20,000 - £60,000 and a standard home extension is in the region of £1500-£2500 per square metre.


Please contact us to talk through your project and get a comprehensive, no obligation quote.